Installation Efficiency

When it comes to installing shake siding, there’s a big difference with a product that’s smartly built. To achieve a natural cedar look with a low maintenance product, both art and science come into play. American Original represents a significant breakthrough in the science side of the equation. As pioneers in the production of molds and engineering of plastics, we’ve developed a unique, new injection molding process to create siding product you can get nowhere else – making American Original truly original.
  • Stronger single-course panels produce a natural appearance, eliminating repeatability and minimizing trim waste
  • Random patterns and varying gaps hide seams
  • Uses standard siding accessories with a ¾ inch pocket (such as J-channel, cornerposts, window and door trim)
  • Cut and clip with standard vinyl trim snips
SignalSlots Contin-U-Lock Random Patterns
1. PATENTED SignalSlots® Nail Hem
  • Requires no center nail
  • Installs over nail-based or non-nail-based sheathing
  • Visually guides you with series of progressively wider slots across the top
2.  PATENTED Contin-U-Lock®
  • Continuous lock system across the top and side simplifies the job
  • Matching lock system enables seamless transition directly from one style to another (no need for a divider)
3.  Random Patterns
  • Random patterns and varying gaps hide the seams
Siding Profile