Premium Quality Product without Premium Pricing

Always improving and never settling is the true American ethic. That’s a big part of why we’ve named our product American Original. Our siding is superior not just because it looks so much like wood, but also because it’s built to perform. Shake style siding has long been a symbol of durability, and now it’s even better.
Stronger Material
Composite polymer material that’s injection molded unlike extruded vinyl – stronger, more durable and ding-resistant compared to rigid, more brittle vinyl

Increased Wind Resistance
Performs better in hurricane and storm conditions, staying secure at over 200 MPH wind velocity (vs. the standard 160 MPH)

Color Management Systems
State-of-the-art color quality management systems provide direct color control in the manufacturing process for greater colorfastness and consistent box-to-box color control

Paintable (professionals only) to coordinate with other textured surfaces
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