Technical Info

American Original Shake and Scallop Siding is made from single-course injection molded polypropylene, the latest in composite polymer technology, making it the longest lasting and most attractive siding offered on the market today. This exceptional durability is a result of innovative new process technology and the use of premium-grade materials and UV inhibitors. State of the art color quality management systems provide direct control in the manufacturing process for greater colorfastness and consistent box-to-box color control. The siding installation process is made easier than ever, with the convenience of single-course panels, Contin-U-Lock® continuous lock system, and SignalSlots® nail hems for fast, easy guidance. All resulting in a shake and scallop siding that’s stronger and more ding-resistant than extruded vinyl, and performs better in hurricane and storm conditions, staying secure at over 200 MPH.

American Original is a stylish choice for the whole house or as an architectural accent for any home exterior, including fiber cement, stone, brick and vinyl siding. The product is offered in four styles: Cedar Shake, Hand-Split Shake, Cape Cod Shake and Scallop (Half-Round). All profiles are available in 14 colors, making American Original the largest line of single-course panels on the market.

Please select a profile below to view detailed specs and product measurements:

Cedar Shake
Cedar Shake.pdf
Hand Split Shake
Hand-Split Shake.pdf 
Cape Cod Shake
Cape Cod Shake.pdf
  Scallop Half Round
Scallop (Half-Round).pdf


        Cedar Shake Corner (optional)                        Hand-Split Shake Corner (optional)                                                  


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