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a blended panorama of color and texture.

Cedar shake siding is a most-coveted look for the home of distinction.  Our EverWeathered Color Collection evokes a timeless natural cedar style, that doesn't simply age gracefully; it ages beautifully, improving with every sunrise and celebrated at every sunset.

Shake Siding by American Original Siding
this is how the real american landscape looks.

Real wood style is traditional American style, while real American ingenuity crafts today's most durable polypropylene single-course panel technology select from Traditional Cedar, Hand-Split or Cape Cod varieties of American Original Shake Siding designs, each in 16 colors for the most choices in the industry.

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Scallop Siding By American Original Siding
an american classic comes home.

Add the unmistakable flair of classic Half-Round Scallop Siding as the perfect accent for gables and other architectural features. Choose one of 16 colors of American Original's more durable and convenient polypropylene single-course panel technology for longer lasting performance and years of Scallop Siding's characteristic soft curves and singular shadows.

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Siding Design Center American Original Siding
try it on for style.

Before you make any commitment or buy a single panel, get a virtual view of your American Original design ideas on your own home. Our easy to use Design Center transforms a photo you upload into a sneak peek at the future of your all-American home.

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Siding Design Center American Original Siding
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Try on our siding to see what American Original styles and colors look like on your own home. Upload a photo to the American Original Siding Design Center and you can experiment with different choices and combinations, helping you make the right decision before you commit to anything. Share some design options with family and friends to see what they think.

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american original stylish durability
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siding for the real american landscape
american styling, workmanship and practicality.

You are an original. Now, your home can reflect that true American spirit with 4 styles in 16 colors of American Original Shake & Scallop Siding. American Original gives you an authentic American sensibility with the natural appearance of real wood; traditional American styling that’s rugged and rustic or clean and classic; high-performance American workmanship that combines technical knowledge with aesthetic appeal; together with American practicality in materials and configuration.

American Original makes stronger, longer single-course polymer panels that are easier to install and eliminate the need for repeat patterns that make ordinary double panels so difficult. UV inhibitors protect against sunlight to keep your colors looking like their original shade longer than ever.

Mix and match your choice of polypropylene shake, shingle and scallop siding styles to achieve a distinctive multi-finish design perfect for today’s latest home exterior trends, or combine with fiber cement, stone, brick or conventional vinyl siding to make a more personal visual statement.

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American Original Building Products is an all-American company, born in the heartland in Akron, Ohio and fully compliant with FTC “Made in the USA” standards. We’re part of a 90-year-old company called Ferriot, Inc. — experts in injection molding technology for Fortune 500 customers around the world — and specialize in building products combining American tradition and design with American integrity and quality.

Our shake and scallop siding products have been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) to verify they meet or exceed the industry standards for polypropylene siding performance. An independent, accredited quality control agency has conducted a series of rigorous tests and unannounced inspections to ensure compliance for weatherability, windload and impact resistance; expansion and shrinkage; surface distortion; length, width and thickness; and color retention.