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We use a highly-engineered compound consisting of polypropylene, UV inhibitors and stabilizing ingredients. These premium materials provide the basis for the enhanced performance features, such as durability and colorfastness, that are found in our shake and scallop products. In addition, the use of composite materials provides low-maintenance good looks at a cost-efficient price.

Most typical siding products use vinyl as the main ingredient. In the area of shake and scallop siding, some are vinyl and some are polypropylene. American Original Shake and Scallop Siding is made from polypropylene.

Polypropylene siding is injection molded and provides more detail to better simulate wood.  Polypropylene panels are also twice as thick as vinyl and provide better performance in high-wind areas.

American Original's revolutionary single-course panels allow for substantially less trim waste (especially around windows) in the installation process. They're also much easier to handle and trim on the job site. This results in overall reduction in job cost, plus savings in installation time.

American Original uses premium grade UV stabilizer technology for optimum protection against color fading. Our comprehensive color management system, performed in our plants around the clock, meticulously samples and quality-checks colors to maximize box-to-box color control.

Most shake and scallop products are rated to wind resistance up to 160 MPH. In independent ASTM testing, American Original stays secure at over 200 MPH wind velocity. This increase in performance is due to our premium composite polypropylene material and advanced product design including our SignalSlots® nail hem, which allows for nailing every sixteen inches with or without a nail-based sheathing. This makes American Original an excellent choice for areas where hurricanes or storms are a concern.

Shake and scallop makes an important architectural statement, so it's critical that it look as natural as possible. One of the most critical aspects in achieving this look is the randomness of the pattern. Even if great care is taken during the installation process, with other products it's hard to avoid repeat patterns that look "fake" from a distance. American Original panels are fully randomized in pattern, and the single-course panels eliminate repeatability, providing a natural appearance.

Mansard roofs with a 45/12 slope or greater are acceptable application when installed over a weather barrier rated for the applications.

Click here to see detailed instructions.

We recommend standard siding accessories, with a minimum 3/4" pocket width (such as J-channel used for inside and outside corner posts, window and door trim).

A special shake starter strip is recommended for us with all four profiles.  Some examples are Alside #65-5160 or Quality Edge TruShake Starter: SKU TSSSGAL (0-0155 thickness, 2-1/2" tall, 25-10' pieces per carton).

No. Adhesives or caulks should never be used for installing our shake panels. Nails should only be used in the center of the nail hem slots. Face nailing through panels should never be done without creating a slot to allow for expansion and contraction. Face nailing without a slot will void the product warranty.

Use a snap lock punch and fit the panels into the undersill or finish trim. You may also use Accu-Clips into a j-channel.

Use Accu-Clips into j-channel or create nail slots in the siding and use a two-piece cornice receive and molding. See our instructions here.

American Original Shake & Scallop Siding has the best warranty in the industry. Our product is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. See printed warranty for details. Copies of the warranty are available by contacting American Original Building Products LLC.

American Original Building Products LLC is owned and operated by Ferriot Inc., a company with over 90 years of experience serving Fortune 500 clients around the world. As master-craftsmen in the production of molds and the engineering of plastics, we are uniquely qualified to design and manufacture the world's most revolutionary shake and scallop siding.


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