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Revolutionary product - made with american ingenuity

Born in the heartland in Akron, Ohio, we're part of a 90-year-old company called Ferriot, Inc. Ferriot serves Fortune 500 customers around the world with their expertise in injection molding technology, perfectly attuned to helping us make building products that combine American tradition and design with American integrity and quality.

Our shake and scallop siding products have been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) to verify they meet or exceed the industry standards for polypropylene siding performance. An independent, accredited quality control agency has conducted a series of rigorous tests and unannounced inspections to ensure compliance for weatherability, windload and impact resistance; expansion and shrinkage; surface distortion; length, width and thickness; and color retention. 

siding for the real american landscape

Your home can reflect the true American spirit with 4 styles and 16 colors of American Original Shake & Scallop Siding:

  • an authentic American sensibility with the natural appearance of real wood
  • traditional American styling that's rugged and rustic or clean and classic
  • high performance American workmanship that combines technical
  • knowledge with aesthetic appeal
  • no-nonsense American practicality in materials and configuration

Our stronger and longer single-course polymer panels combine convenience with ease of installation:

  • eliminate the need for repeat patterns
  • better to install than ordinary double panels
  • superior UV protection against sunlight to retain its original vibrancy longer

Design and explore to your heart's content:

  • mix and match our styles and colors
  • combine with fiber cement, stone, brick or conventional vinyl siding

We are an American Original. You are an American original. We look forward to helping you get the all-American home you deserve:

American Original Building Products LLC
1000 Arlington Circle
Akron, Ohio 44306
Telephone: 330.786.3000
Fax: 330.786.3001

Made in the USA
Compliant with FTC "Made in the USA" Standards